What is PlanProMatrix?

Posted: April 27, 2018 in Business, Online Business

The PlanProMatrix Team

We are a group of online marketers who are tired of joining and exerting effort than earning a small amount of money, waiting for encashments, and worst is when the site shuts down and closes.

We have decided to establish PlanProMatrix to give much better income and experience for our online marketers, especially for those who are new.

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We would love to see you earning with our system.

Our Vision

Our goal is to succeed in becoming the most successful organization in the online marketing and multi-level marketing business in the world by continuously providing an exceptionally attractive business opportunity for all our partners and independent marketers by empowering them to achieve financial freedom.

Our Mission

By delivering on our promise to improve the quality of life with wealthy living and offering meaningful products that ensure optimum knowledge. WealtyhNet will equip our partners and independent marketers with a well-structured program of selling with attractive rewards and incentive plans to help them reach their financial dreams.

Be one of us!

Become a part of one of the largest and growing 100% home-based online business in the Philippines. Learn how your 600 pesos or 14 Dollars will bring all of your dreams come true. Come, try us and be one of us!



PPM is headed by Mark George Barnuevo Naval (a.k.a. Bong Naval) with his Operations Manager, Junnel Millano.

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          When boredom strikes you, you eventually find way to rejuvenate yourself. To escape from the state of feeling bored, you may take some selfies, eat foods, travel anywhere, or have hangouts with your friends. But guess what? There’s a common stuff you can do. Since everybody has mobile phone, you may have to click menu button then find the music icon. Oh yes! All you have to do is to listen to the songs you have. Rock songs, pop songs, rnb songs, or whatever you want as long as you feel relaxed. But if you want serenity of the songs for you to remember things in the past, I guess you have to pick her songs (Taylor Swift).


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If I’ve been asked the same question, Top 5 things that would make me smile:

1. Students that are attentive and cooperative during class sessions.
2. Students that are confident to share insights.
3. Students who can’t get zero during quizzes, tests, or even exams.
4. Students who treat their classmates as brothers and sisters.
5. Students who find me funny regardless of being strict sometimes.

But they shouldn’t forget to say this greeting: “Good morning Sir Padilla. It’s nice to see you this morning! Mabuhay!

Simple greeting is a great grin to a teacher like me in the near future!

I asked my professors in graduate school, my fellow educators, and my former teachers on what simple ways students can spark a smile on their face. Here are their responses:

Mr. Randolf Sacdalan, MBA


It makes me smile when…
I encounter ideas that make sense that I never thought of. Also, when I come across intelectually surprising thoughts from unassuming students. Element of surpise must be present. Maybe fresh ideas too.

Dr. Liberato Reyes, DM


It makes me smile when..
The students are appreciative of what they learn in class and when students are prepared and come to class early.

Ms. Kara Courtney Ventura, CPA


I smile everytime I know my students are attentive and interested in what i am saying. Nothing is more validating than knowing your students respect you and indeed learn from you. I smile when my students laugh at my jokes and appreciate the effort I…

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I’ve never been at any coffee shop but if I have time maybe I’m kinda doing all of these stuffs!

1. WiFi Wilma


Unsay password? (What’s the password?) This is the opening spiel of Wilma who “breathes and lives” online. She enjoys her favorite latte with constant Facebook likes, comments, Snapchats, and uses Spotify. Cafes with unlimited WiFi and ones that serve Blueberry Cheesecakes are the usual hang-out place of Wilma.

2. Studious Sally


Laptop, books, notes, pens, highlighters, that’s how Sally is geared up for her trip to her favorite coffeeshop. She spends typically more than an hour at the cafe to study, or do reports. She sips on her iced coffee and munches on her favorite oatmeal cookies while studying for that Finance exam.

3. Harry the Hitcher


Yes, he does “bangka” pero “storya”. (He treats you to a whole lot of talking.) He is also known as the extremely budget-friendly friend who enjoys the air-conditioning, the comfort of the seats and some service water while he entertains…

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          Filipino teenagers and juvenile adults absolutely like the K-Pop artists and Korean Stars such as Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, and Sandara Park. But how would Koreans react when they see some of our known stars when they see their random pictures? Watch their reactions on the video below.

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          Forevermore is a 2014 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, together with an ensemble cast. The series premiered on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on October 27, 2014.

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          People in the whole world have been waiting for the proclamation of the grand champion. Finally, the awaited winner of Asia’s Got Talent was no other than the shadow play group “El Gamma Penumbra”.  It’s just a great honor that the four Pinoy grand finalists, one of them made it on top.

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